Washington Civil War Round Table

Since 2006, Claibourne Darden has been president of the Washington Civil War Round Table. That is not Washington, DC, mind you, but Washington, Georgia…of course.

Washington, Georgia is one of the few significant antebellum towns that was not burned on Sherman’s march to the Sea in 1865. As a result, this town is a grand example of pre-civil war architecture that sprang up across the cotton, slave states of the Old South. So it makes sense that a Civil War Round Table would find its home in Washington, Georgia, the heart of some of the richest history the Civil War produced.

The meetings take place on the fourth Monday of each month (except for December) and the Washington Civil War Round Table is considered one of the best Round Tables in the whole state. These high marks may be the result of the fine homestyle cookin’ buffet done by the boys at Talk of the Town cafe at the start of each meeting; it may be the result of the ambiance of the beautifully restored Victorian Fitzpatrick Hotel; or it may be the exciting line up of speakers who have enlarged our understanding of the lives lived and the battles fought in the “recent unpleasantness” . Or it could be, at $10 a head for the dinner, it is one of the most reasonable date nights going. But some say that it could not function as well as it has without the character and direction of one Claibourne Darden, retired pollster to the south.


Darden Posts

Ten years (2002) ago Anita and Claibourne, both in their 50′s, met and were soon married. Since then there has been a lot of travel throughout the Southeast USA, a few trips to Costa Rica, a lot of hunting with a little fishing, and a Dove Shoot at the farm every year. This blog covers, on a random and irregular basis, their goings-on.